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We appreciate all the testimonials which spur us to improve further. However, in view of PDPA rules, only the first name can be included. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thanks Alan Ong and Aili Lau, who are friendly, helpful, approachable and informative, assist me in contract plan renewal. The process is pleasant and they are friendly to answer all the questions that i had and provide suggestions. They patiently explain the contract as well as the available add on. One bonus point, they won't get upset or giving you a black face even they face a rejection. Claps claps and thumbs up!

Ms Moshi (11th January 2018)

I am very grateful for the help and assistance rendered to me by Travis at your Capitol Piazza outlet. He is patient, knowledgeable and went out of his way to be of assistance.

I was anxious that I would lose all the chats on my Whatsapp because I wasn't able to back it up on the cloud server and Travis managed to transfer the data from my SD card seamlessly. It really made my day. Travis restored my faith in mankind as he sincerely cares!

Ms Belinda (30th September 2016)

I would like to sincerely thank Wei Shun, one of your staff working at Raffles City outlet, for his caring and excellent customer service that he has provided me when I was doing my re-contract of my existing Singtel line on Tue 10 May 2016. Wei Shun is helpful, going extra mile to assist me,knowledgeable and a multi-tasker.   G-Force must be proud to have a professional and dedicated staff like Wei Shun to represent the company and to provide his best services to their customers.  Well done and keep up the good work!
Ms Michelle (11th May 2016)
Jun Hao has done a very good customer service and explain all the details clearly and specifically when i upgrade plan
Mr Chua (August 2015)
I would like to take this opportunity to praise one of your service staff Miss Yoko ,who is currently station at Bugis Junction .This is my second time pay a visit to the shop and service by Miss Yoko, she was knowledgeable ,Passion helpful and go extra mile to assist me With her assistant ,I enjoy very much on the service. I feel proud that your company have such a good staff .
Mr Lim (July 2015)


My family and I are regular customer of Singtel and that we've always been patronizing the Bukit Panjang Plaza Outlet be it whether isit needing enquiries or re-contracting, and the staff are always so helpful in helping us. On one occasion, I went to the shop at very late hours where they are about to close for the day,even though they know that they will have to go home late that day because of my purchases,they are still very patience in attending to me which I feel is commendable! Hence i would like to take this opportunity to compliment all of them (Shane, Steven, Alan, Nicole and Jasmine) for their great job done. Thank you very much and keep up the good spirit.

Sheryl (June 2015)

I bought S6 Edge gold 64GB in Jurong Point Samsung shop and it was very impressive. Mr. Yen Ping was very politly and kindly explained there are OTG and I can still use thumb drive and expand to more than 64GB if I really want
to buy edge gold but concern is edge does not have sd card slot so i can
not use current SD card. So I immediately decided purchase 64gb gold edge then OTG,too. (I also bought samsung OTG)

I was looking for 128GB gold edge but no stock so I was consider to buy
other brand mobile phone because Ive visited 313(2times), plaza
Singapora(1time) and the staffs were nice but no one suggested OTG.

Mr. Yen Ping also explained about smart switch function which is very useful. And I was with my 3year old boy mr. Yen ping gave small gummy to him so he was not super bored while mommy was busy to buy phone.

Finally It was impresive service and I hope your company value &
reward Mr. Yen Ping''s high class service mind that I turn back to
Samsung mobile again.

Mr Park (June 2015) 

Fantastic Service by Samuel Teh @ IMM Outlet !
Very friendly and Experienced in his trade and Answers Qns diligently !
Enjoyed my visit while Recontract my Broadband and Mobile and will definitely recommend my friends to G-Force Network Pte Ltd !
Cheers and two thumbs up !!! :D

Mr Paul (June 2015)



Service rendered by Alan was very professional, courteous, helpful and service orientated. He showed very skillful and knowledgeable in the product. Thank you Singtel and Alan for the good service.


Mr Pahmar (March 2015)



Today I went to the shop located at Bt Panjang Plaza regarding my re-contract of my current phone. I was served by Mr Alan Heng. I did not know anthing about IT. I asked him and seek his expert opnion. He did so. He was very patience and knowledgeable. I chose the plan that I wanted. While he was busy keying my data into the system,  his collegue helped to paste the screen protector for my phone without Mr Alan asking him to do so even though his collegue was not engaged. I saw the Team-Work and Trust among the staffs. Thareafter the staffs thanked me for patrolizing the shop. On the same day, my niece told me there was some problem with the new handphone. We went to the shop and both staffs, namely: Shane and Jasmine assisted me and they managed to rectified the problem with the assistance of other staffs, namely: Steven and Dennis while Alan was busy with other customers.  They apologised for the inconvenience caused to me and my family.


I was very touched and at the same time I felt bad that at that point of time my nephew has used some hurting words towards the staffs. They forgave us and they even apologised for the inconvenience. There are many staffs in an organisation. But Management would not be able to know who to recognise.


The above mentioned staffs are role models. I do hope the Management can recognise their effort in upholding the company's image and reputation to be a World Class Organisation in providing a World Class Service to customers in regardless of race, language or religion. Thank you.


Ms Lim (8th March 2015)


I have always been impressed by your Staffs' service.That's why I always patronise your store at Bukit Panjang every time I need to recontract since 2009.

Brands of my handphone can change but I know your Staffs' good service is always consistent.Years ago, it was Jasmine. It was nice to see her doing the same for other customers and treating them like neighbours in the community till today. (most customers live in Bukit Panjang anyway). 

Today, it was Steven supporting a newer Staff Lucas to do the same:

1. Knowing products well.

2. Making appropriate recommendations according to customer's needs and preferences

3. Have a good grasp of the systems (Singtel).

4. Extra mile of transferring data and setting up the new phone

Keep up the good work! 

Ms Lum (22nd Feb 2015)


I wish to say a 'Big Thank you' to David Lee for helping me to switch from one Telco to Singtel.He is very knowledgeable and competent in doing up the switch for me. While he is helping me, he also assist my wife regarding her recontract issue and help her to enjoy 10% discount for her bill.I only managed to come out with a small sum of money to get the phone I want, not counting those freebies that come along with it.He served customer with pride, also with the benefits of the customer in mind. He certainly won me over with the way he handles my case.Should I need any more services in the future, I will certainly look for him.

Keep up the good work.Who says Singapore don't have good service person?He is one that fits the bill......!A satisfied customer

Mr Ng (28th Dec 2014)


On 9/9/2014, i went to re-contract my Mobile/Broadband bundle agreements at Raffles City. There, i was attended by a cheerful sales personnel named Ms. Jeslyn Chia.She is helpful and has good public relationship with customers.

She took pains to explain the benefits of the new agreements to me and is able to handle her work in a very professional manner. I am pleased with her work attitude.
To sum up my compliments, i would like to say that a well experienced and service oriented staff like her is the prize of your company.
To her i would like to say Jeslyn thank you for the job well done. Do keep up with your good work.
Mr Lim (10th Nov 2014)
I would like to write in to compliment on the service provided by Mr David Lee at the Singtel branch at Raffles City. I was there yesterday evening and wanted to get a samsung Zoom K white model. David informed that the stock is not available at this outlet but he managed to get another outlet to delivery the specified item to this outlet and told me to return half an hour later. When i returned, i was informed to come back 20mins later as David himself has gone to collect the phone for me. 
Upon his return, i found out that he took the trouble to go to the outlet at Chinatown point to pick it up for me. I am impressed by his service which he rendered as he went above and beyond his retail counter duty to help me secure the phone. He was also able to explain to me about my plan and what is the ultimate best i can get out of it. His level of service is something which i have never encountered. He serves with passion and committment. Kudos to a job well done.
I am sure i will come back to him again should i need to buy another phone or do my subscription.

Ms Tang (11th Oct 2014)


I would like to Thank Ms Sharon of the Katong I12 branch, when I went to renew my contract.  Sharon went through my last contract & then recommended that I change my plan, as my cooperate plan no longer has free caller ID.  

Sharon also help call M1 for my mum to check why her bill had gone up recently & also recommended for my mum to bring her # over to Singtel.

Sharon also help me out when I 1st came across your shop last year in Aug13, where Sharon scrutinized  my previous bill & went through all the services to check if I was still using them.  And then recommended the best plan to suit my needs.

I am really Grateful for Sharon's Wonderful Customer Service &

Wish to bring this to your Attention & Sharon should be given a pay Rise!!! 

I will definitely be going back to renew my contact next year with her! :)

S Lee (15th Sept 2014)


Hi Singapore, My name is Jourdan Sim and I live in USA. During my visit to SingTel Exclusive Retailer outlet at Raffles City level 3, I was warmly welcomed and served by David Lee, the outlet manager. He is not only super friendly and always carried a sincere smile, he is also very knowledgable in all his products and services that his outlet provided. I am impressed by his positive energy and his passion to satisfy his customers mobile and data needs. David Lee is definitely an asset to SingTel and G-Force Network Pte Ltd. Congratulations! to David Lee's employer for having an excellent manager.

Mr Sim (25th April 2014)
Hi, I am writing to say what a pleasure it was for my family and I to be served by David Lee at the SingTel shop in Raffles City. He was patient and professional as he answered our queries and made good suggestions on how we can maximise our accounts. I tried to find your on FB but was unable to locate you, hence this email. Please do convey a word of encouragement to your employee. Good employees are hard to find and I hope you will cherish someone who gave us such a positive experience that we are thinking the next time we have a telco need we are heading back there for David to assist us. 
Ms Tan & family (11th March 2014)

I would like to thank the Samsung staff at Bugis Junction for their excellent service. Thank you Jimmy, James, Allen, and Jason. There is a "learning curve" with new products and these men are very knowledgeable about Samsung products. 

 Mr John (13th January 2014)

On 15th & 16th november i went down to G-force outlet at Causeway Point and was served by your staff named Ai Li. Not only was she friendly, she also answered all my enquires with much information. She's very knowledgable and customer oriented. Besides her the rest of the staff in the same outlet, Kelvin Goh, Samuel Teh, Alvin Ngaw were also very friendly and helpful. After my transaction at the outlet i left as a very satisfied customer. Surely will recommend this outlet to my friends. Keep up the excellent work guys!!